Bishampton Worcestershire the Return, Sunday 2nd Dec

Bishampton, Evesham, Worcestershire.


This event will be held from 9am until 4pm on Sunday 2nd December on 80 acres of pasture.


We previousally visited this site on Saturday 3rd November with 50 members. We had 5 large fields to search, we opened the first 4 fields up until 1pm with the 5th field being opened shortly after for the remaining 3 hours.


There were plenty of finds coming up right until the end of the day this included some stunnig Roman Broaches, lots of Hammered Coins, a Celtic / Saxon ring (awaiting identification), a Silver Roman Denarius, lots of nice artifacts, Silver Milled Coins, a couple of Roman Bronze Coins and a Dagger / Sword Hanger.




We strongly believe there are still plenty of items left to find as there was far too much land to be covered by the amount of people on our previous visit.



Please keep an eye on the popularity bar below, the greener it gets, the fuller the event!




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