Landowner Info

Virtually all events will require a minimum of 85-100 acres. This can be pasture, arable or a mix of both. Lets Go Digging will pay the landowner £10 per head and most digs we expect in the region of 75-100 members attending.
Payment is made in full at noon on the day of the dig.
Arable land can attract multiple visits annually.
Each event is orchestrated and managed by the organisers and marshalled by admin throughout who park all attendees on arrival, ensure all rubbish is removed on departure and on all events, scrap bins are provided for all unwanted metallic items which can be taken away or left with the landowner on request.
All finds that are valued at £500 or more will be shared with the landowner. The item will be recorded with the Portable Antiquities Scheme if considered a treasure item and after release will be subjected to three independent valuations. The finder and the landowner will then agree to either sell the item or compensate the other party to the full value of the find.

 Any hoard that is discovered will be secured by the organisers until the authorities have been notified and the area protected.