Landowner Terms

Any farmer wishing us to arrange an event on their land must be the land owner. If you are a tenant, you will need to provide a letter of confirmation from the owner prior to confirmation.
Payment for the use of your land will be made no earlier than 12 noon on the day of the event.
You must declare any restrictions or covenants on your land that could affect the event. This includes Entry Level Stewardship and Higher Level Stewardship.
You will be asked when organising an event whether your land has had any green waste added to any of the fields. Failure to declare this will result in the event being abandoned and no payment being made. By 'greenwaste' we mean any bi-product containing metallic items. Please be aware that many suppliers of this will reduce furniture fittings to a sawdust type consistency which in most cases, even though screened, will still contain many metallic fittings which are detrimental to the operation of the equipment used to detect.
Any fields that have livestock in must be secure.