Rally Rules

Anyone attending a rally will be expected to register. Once registered, you are expected to attend. If for any reason you are unavoidably unable to attend, you must de-register. Failure to do this, or contact an admin to withdraw, will result in you being removed from the group and your membership rescinded. No refund will be applicable. The reason for this strict condition is due to the landowner being made aware of the numbers and his revenue expectations. Additionally, in many cases it may preclude another member who could have attended had the space been available.
When attending any event, you must be in possession of your NCMD card. This is obligatory and provides you with insurance cover whenever you are detecting on third party land.
All event descriptions will provide the start and finish time on the day. These times must be strictly adhered to. A pre-dig briefing is done 10 minutes prior to commencement. You are expected to attend this in order to be aware of the fields to be detected and any special conditions imposed.
On all events, every detectorist is expected to be conscious of the requirement to remove ALL scrap dug up and backfill/replace turf and soil removed from the hole. Failure to do this will result in your immediate removal from the event. The landowner in most cases may have animals that could easily be injured when in the field by tripping, certainly a horse and rider could also suffer the same fate. Large pieces of iron may be left by the hedge line, please notify an admin if you do this so it can be removed at the end of the event.
All detectorists must wear headphones whilst the detector is in use and have either a finds pouch or pockets capable of holding any items of scrap, ready for deposit in the nearest scrap bin.

Forum Rules

All users of the forum must conduct themselves in a polite, respectful manner, in the knowledge Lets Go Digging is a family group and that women and children will have access to the content.
All forum users must agree that under no circumstances will the abuse/harassment of another member be condoned. If you wish to discuss anything of a nature not suitable for public portrayal, you must private message the person concerned.
Images of a sexual nature or any other unacceptable subject will be removed and the person responsible warned. A second warning will result in removal from the group.
Spam or links to other competitor sites are not admissible unless agreement has been sought and agreed with the operator.
No posts/images must be added that are copyrighted.
Any complaints must be made directly to the organisers and not through the forum. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.