I've had Lets Go Digging come to my farm twice.. I was a little sceptical at first but they were everything they said they were. Helpful,organised everything. Not one bit of rubbish left and an honest member of their group informed me he had found a lovely ring..Chris and Paul are very honest and the members I had at mine were to. So many Farmers don’t want people on their land but my theory is there’s plenty buried and I’ve no chance finding it so let someone enjoy trying to find it and give me 50%.. No brainer!
Farmer Simon Key, Mundham, Norfolk.
Chris and Paul brought over 70 people to my land a few weeks ago. Organised the parking, had their highly visible admin on the fields, their members came to show me their finds, a great bunch of people who are welcome to come back again!
Farmer Steve, Wiltshire.
I have had Let Go Digging on our land 7/8 times this year. Top guys, would highly recommend to anyone.
Farmer James, Oxfordshire
Had these guys at our farm in wales yesterday. (15/02/2017) If anyone is considering letting a group detect on their land then Paul Howard and his members should be you first port of call. From the minute they arrived they were organised, very polite and very switched on in regards to farms and stock which was one of my concerns. As the day went on I quickly realised that I had nothing to worry about as Paul and his admin team had the whole thing under control and didn’t even mind me asking about the history of some of the finds. Very professional and very friendly they very grateful for the permission granted. I only wish I had more acres to have then back again. A top class group of folks and a pleasure to have had you here!
Farmer Gary Leese, Usk
Chris, Paul and their admin were well organised throughout, their members left the land as they found it and I look forward to seeing them again later this year. 
Farmer Viv, Michaelchurch Escley.
I never thought there could be so many coins on my fields. A fascinating experience for me, a welcome revenue and very nice, prodffessional organisation.
Farmer Donald, Hereford.
Had this group at our place Sunday just gone. No problems at all with them did exactly as they said very well organised and Marshalled. Didn’t leave any litter behind and filled in holes dug. Would recommend them.
Farmer Chris, Derby.
A brilliant day here yesterday with the Lets Go Digging . Thank you Paul for bringing the team along.    I can thoroughly recommend this group as they did a sterling job of clearing any small pieces of metal which would be dangerous to the horses or equipment used on the ground. A very friendly group who made no mess at all, carefully restoring any ground they dug, and, as a bonus I was paid for it .It all helps at this time of year when such a lot is spent on animal feed. Please get in touch with Paul Howard if you would like them to visit you!
Farmer Colin, Hampshire